Astrology Consultation

Astrology Consultation

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'Astrology is a Language. If you understand this language, The Sky Speaks to You.' ― Dane Rudhyar

This service is for those who are seeking information, discussion or direct answers regarding an element of their astrological birth chart, life experience, patterns, purpose, past lives or psyche.

This is for those who might lean towards a chat rather than taking in information through reading; for those on very specific trail of enquiry, perhaps following a birth chart reading, or those simply dipping their toes into a pool of astrological curiosity!


- One 60-minute Facetime/Zoom Video meeting with Nisha, discussing the astrology as it applies to your questions, current state and area of focus.

- After the session you'll receive some follow up notes and a mantra to work with  (digital).


- At checkout, please leave your time preferences (with your time zone!) in the notes. Ie 'Monday mornings, between 9-11am. UTC '

After checking out, you'll receive an email from me (within 24hrs) with a Calendly link, to book in your desired appointment. You will also receive a questionnaire which I will work with to prepare for our chat.

- According to your needs, this can be a one-time format, or we can work together on an ongoing basis.

Speak soon! x

Note: Nisha is an astrologer at Know The Zodiac. She's also a student of JWG Evolutionary Astrology. Consultations/readings follow this branch of astrology, as well as the porphyry house system.

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